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Knowledge and Understanding of Health Food Blenders

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The food blender machine integrates the functions of juicer, soy milk machine, ice cream machine, food processor, grinder and other products. It fully achieves the multi-function function of a machine, which can instantly break the food cell wall and release phytochemicals.

The food blender is developed on the basis of the traditional juicer, raw juice machine and food processor. It is the latest fourth-generation juice machine. It integrates juice, smoothie, freshly ground soy milk and grain flour.

Because the ultra-high speed can instantly break the cell walls of fruits and vegetables, it is the preferred home appliance product for modern home health care and health maintenance.

At present, the consumption of food blender is increasing day by day, and the variety of food blender is also changing with each passing day. Technology of food blender to help people in large deep conditioning for food, so that people's body more receptive to absorb more nutrients.

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