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SENKEMA Food Blender 1.75L Gold HD-8339

Voltage: 220v ~ / 50Hz
Heating power: 800W
Electric power: 800W
Capacity: 1.75L
Motor speed: 26000RPM
Cup with temperature resistance: -40 ~ 120 ℃
Heating method: heating plate
Maximum overcurrent protection: 10A
Maximum overheat protection: 120 ℃
Buttons: touch
  • HD-8339
  • SENKEMA/Hinton
  • 500-1000 Unit
  • 15-25 days

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Brand: SENKEMA/Hinton
Color: gold/white
Listing date: 2018-05-08
Product model: HD-8339
Power supply voltage (V): 220
Rated power (W): 800
Product size: 220 * 210 * 510

Material use:borosilicate glass material inlet
Control method: touch
Capacity: cold 1.75L / hot 1.4L
Heating method: heating plate
Display mode: intelligent digital LED display
Whether the upper cover is removable: yes
Multifunctional wall breaking machine: with cooking, appointment, timer function

Product size (mm): 220 * 210 * 510
Product net weight (kg): 5.5
Packing size (mm): 442 * 270 * 310
Package weight (kg): 5.6
Packing list: instruction manual, sponge brush, stir bar, small measuring cup

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